Pescheria 2 Mari, Savelletri. Puglia’s playground of the rich and famous. Photo by the Puglia Guys

Savelletri is a sleepy seaside town on Puglia’s Adriatic coast, best known for the luxury Borgo Egnazia resort. Madonna has had a couple of “holiday” hits here, the Beckhams have holidayed here too. It’s where American singer Justin Timberlake married actor Jessica Biel. In June 2024 it came to the attention of the world when it hosted the G7 Leaders’ Summit.

With a picturesque port and surrounded by picturesque landscapes, it still has a fishing village feel. The fish market still operates and fish and seafood restaurants abound. The port itself, like the few roads that run through it, betray some wealthy visitors. With fewer visitors meandering around than nearby seaside towns of Torre Canne and Monopoli, Savelletri has a laid-back feel.

The beaches in and around Savelletri are not themselves exceptional. Although the strip of private lidos located to the north along Contrada Capitolo are popular, these are relatively pricey. There are small sections of free public beach squeezed in between, but not enough to justify regular visits from us. (In comparison we prefer the stretch of coast running south east from Torre Canne to Ostuni).

Location and Geography

  • Coastal Beauty: Savelletri is situated along the Adriatic Sea, providing stunning coastal views and a serene environment. It’s part of the municipality of Fasano, in the province of Brindisi.
  • Climate: The village enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, making it a pleasant destination year-round.

Historical and Cultural Significance

  • Archaeological Sites: Close to Savelletri is the ancient Roman city of Egnazia (Gnathia), which features ruins dating back to the Bronze Age. The site includes remnants of a Roman forum, basilica, and amphitheater.
  • Historic Architecture: The region is dotted with traditional masserie (farmhouses) and trulli (conical stone huts), reflecting the unique architectural heritage of Puglia.
  • Churches: The picturesque Chiesa di San Francesco da Paola (Saint Francis of Paola) is located on the seafront. These days it is open only to celebrate mass. His feast is celebrated on 2nd April with a sea procession and a feast of seafood including swordfish.

Attractions and Activities

  • Beaches: The coastline offers several beaches with clear, turquoise waters. The rocky and sandy shores provide opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports.
  • Golf: Savelletri is home to San Domenico Golf, a renowned golf course that attracts enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Fishing: The village retains a traditional fishing village feel, and visitors can often see local fishermen at work or enjoy freshly caught seafood.


  • Seafood: Due to its coastal location, Savelletri is famous for its seafood dishes. Fresh fish, octopus, sea urchins, and other seafood delicacies are staples of the local cuisine.

Accommodation and Tourism

  • Luxury Resorts and Hotels: The area boasts several high-end resorts and boutique hotels, many of which are housed in restored historical buildings or offer luxurious amenities like private beaches and spas.
  • Agriturismi: For a more rustic experience, visitors can stay in agriturismi (farm stays), where they can enjoy the local countryside and often participate in agricultural activities.


  • Accessibility: Savelletri is accessible by road and is a short drive from major towns like Fasano and Brindisi. The nearest airports are in Brindisi and Bari, providing connections to various domestic and international destinations.

Eat Here

Despite the proximity of high-end resorts and having a reputation as being Puglia’s playground for the rich and famous, the price of eating-out in Savelletri is still reasonably priced – reflecting the balance between having to provide for local residents as well as visitors.

Skipper Bar

Good coffee, great pastries and wonderful gelato! Very reasonably priced drinks and apertivi.

Piazza Amati, 4, 72015 Savelletri

Pescheria 2 Mari

Where to go for raw fresh fish and seafood. With only fish and seafood on the menu this restaurant celebrates Puglia’s tradition of carpaccio and tartare, with some creative menu items. A winning wine list and a beautiful location.

Piazza Amati, 1, 72015 Savelletri


Small, but perfectly formed. Friendly staff, great service with nice attention to detail. Across the street is the fish market where the daily catch that supplies the kitchen is bought.

Via Fiume, 24, 72015 Savelletri

Osteria del Porto

Fresh fish, seafood and pasta with all the trimmings in a smart restaurant by the port. Anti pasti dishes are generously proportioned. Surprisingly reasonably priced for Puglia’s seaside town for the rich and famous!

Via del Porto, 19 , 72015 Savelletri – Fasano

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